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Citizens of the United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, all European Union nations, and all British Overseas Territories do not need visas to enter Antigua and Barbuda. Cruise ship passengers also do not require visas, regardless of nationality, as long as their ship arrives and departs Antigua and Barbuda on the same day. A more detailed list of countries whose citizens do not require visas to enter these Caribbean islands can be found at: Visitors who require visas must also have a passport size photo, a completed application form, and a passport which is valid for no less than six months.

Health and Safety

Antigua is a safe place to visit as long as visitors take all proper precautions such as parking vehicles in well-lit areas, securing wallets and purses, carrying only the minimum amount of required money, and not walking alone after dark on the virtually deserted streets of St John’s. Visitors should not flash expensive jewelry, leave valuables unattended on the beach, or accept rides or items from strangers. Visitors may encounter beggars who can be politely refused or ignored.

Although many visitors stick to bottled water, Antigua and Barbuda’s tap water is safe for drinking. Purchasing travel insurance in advance of an Antigua and Barbuda vacation is strongly recommended as health care can be expensive on these islands. Occasional dengue fever outbreaks are the biggest health hazards visitors may face during their stay.

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