Photo Credit: Howard Ignatius

Cruise ship passengers can step immediately off their vessels to Heritage Quay Complex’s more than 50 duty-free shops. In addition to the stalls of tobacco, liquor, and jewelry, Antigua and Barbuda’s international visitors can also purchase duty-free linens and English wool as long as they show their cruise ship identification or airline ticket to merchants.

Shoppers who prefer purchasing more unique handmade goods can browse through the pottery, straw crafts, jewelry made from island stones, floppy foldable hats, and exquisite fabrics made from silkscreen and batik which are sold at the 150 shops at St John’s Vendors Mall, located between Redcliffe Quay and St Mary’s Street. Even more handmade Caribbean arts and crafts are sold at Harmony Hall, a converted 1843 sugar mill and plantation near Freetown where barbecue is served on Sunday.

Shady landscaped courtyards surround a former warehouse which now houses more than 30 unique boutiques at St John’s Redcliffe Quay waterfront, while the community’s Saturday morning fruit and vegetable stands on Market Street’s south end is the best place to sample black pineapple and other island-grown tropical fruits. High Street and St Mary’s are St John’s main shopping streets, but note most shops on the islands are closed all day Sunday and Thursday afternoon.

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