Citizens of the United States, Pacific Islands Forum countries, EU nations, Palau, and the Federated States of Micronesia do not need a visa to visit the Marshall Islands. More detailed information for citizens of other countries is posted on the tourism board’s website: Visitors coming from nations with recent cholera or yellow fever epidemics should be vaccinated against those diseases.

Health and Safety

Crime is virtually unheard of on the Marshall Islands, where drunken young people wandering outside at night is the biggest safety risk. Ebeye and Majuro have the only two Marshall Islands public hospitals, but medical dispensaries are available on most of the smaller outer islands.

Sunburn and lack of fresh drinking water are the biggest health risks on the Islands. Visitors should bring enough prescription medication to last their entire Marshall Islands stay as pharmacies are nearly impossible to find and make sure none of their medications are illegal. Mosquito repellent and diarrhea pills are also recommended, even though malaria is not a serious threat. Comfortable, closed toed shoes are a must when walking on sharp coral and in the neighboring surf.