Marshall Islands Taxis and Car Rental

Majuro and the rest of the Marshall Islands use a shared taxi system where visitors can hail vehicles already filled with passengers. Majuro cab rates are unregulated, so fares vary depending on the distance. The Marshall Islands Visitors Authority (+692 625 6482) is the best place to call for information since contacts for individual taxi companies are hard to find.

Car rental is the most practical and easiest to find on Majuro, but all Marshall Islands rental companies are independently owned and operated. Minivans, trucks and Japanese sedans are all available to rent from a total of at least 14 car companies. The minimum driving age is 18, all major roads are paved and traffic drives on the left.

Marshall Islands Water Taxis

Shipping lines dock at the Marshall Islands far more often than cruise ships. The government operates field vessels with comfortable passenger cabins which travel between the islands on a regular basis. Charter voyages on these field ships are also available. However, air is often a more practical way to get between these very spread out islands as it takes a full day to travel by boat between Majuro, the main Marshall Islands port, and Jaluit. Small cargo boats sail between Majuro, Arno and other smaller atolls and many private yachts also offer charter voyages.

Marshall Islands Trains and Buses

There is no rail service in the Marshall Islands, and the only bus runs between Majuro’s Robert Reimers Hotel and Laura Beach Park. This bus departs the Robert Reimers Hotel once every hour or so on an infrequent and irregular schedule.