Visitors can find most modern conveniences at family-run roadside shops and larger supermarkets on the Marshall Islands, but the most unique curios and souvenir stores are situated around Majuro’s Robert Reimers Hotel and the airport. Visitors can tour and buy products made at the RRE Clam Farm, Canoes of the Marshall Islands and the Tobolar Copra Processing Plant. However, the greatest variety of souvenirs is sold at the Marshall Handicraft Shop situated next door to Majuro’s Atele Museum.

Copra, made from dried coconut meat, has long been one of the most important sources of income for Marshall Islands residents. The Tobolar Copra Processing Plant uses copra to make coconut feed, coconut oil and soaps. Local youth make and benefit from the sales of miniature canoes, traditional wooden tools and handcrafted clocks available at the Canoes of the Marshall Islands gift shop. Other Majuro stores worth browsing include Busy Hands Club, Leipajid Handicraft Shop, MIKA, and Wut Konare Handicrafts at the airport.

Boat construction and weaving are among the region’s other traditional handicrafts, but former Bikini Atoll residents have also become famous for their kili handbags. Visitors can buy the unique stick charts sailors once used to find their way around these distant and scattered islands or jewelry made from shells. Thin coconut palm membranes called kimej and coconut tree woven fibers known as malwe are used to create beautiful baskets and floor mats. All Marshall Islands shops are closed on weekends.