Marshall Islands International Airport

The only international airport on the Marshall Islands, also called Amata Kabua International Airport, is situated in southern Majuro at Rairok’s western end. The facility’s present building was constructed to replace Majuro’s original Delap Island coral-surface airstrip which the Japanese built during WWII. The airport had no physical structure before the 1970's, but is now capable of handling aircraft as large as a Boeing 767.

Honolulu is the only US city which has direct flights, but American visitors can also connect in Guam. Japan Airlines operates chartered scuba tour trips to Marshall Islands International Airport in addition to the airport’s regular United Airlines flights and Air Marshall Islands flights to dozens of smaller airports across the South Pacific. Amenities are limited and include rental cars, shuttle buses and shared taxis to travel the brief distance between the airport and the center of Majuro along the island’s only road.