The official languages of the Marshall Islands is both English and Marshallese, a Polynesian tongue whose two main dialects are Ralik in the west and Ratak in the east.


The US dollar is the Marshall Islands official currency. The islands have no central bank or ability to print currency. Inflation is low and most major businesses accept American Express, MasterCard and Visa credit cards. Larger businesses and hotels also accept travelers’ checks, especially those in US dollars. Majuro has the majority of Marshall Islands banks.


The Marshall Islands Standard Time Zone is 12 hours ahead of GMT (GMT +12) and Daylight Savings Time is not observed.


The Marshall Islands uses the same 110-120 V electricity settings and Type B plug sockets as North America, but not all plugs on the Islands are compatible with US appliances. Therefore, visitors should bring a transformer and plug adapter just in case.


The dialing code for the Marshall Islands is +692, but Majuro, Ebeye and Kwajalein are the only islands with regular phone services. Shortwave radio remains the main form of communication in the smaller atolls. Internet access has vastly improved since Majuro and Kwajalein got high-speed internet in 2010. However, there is still only one service provider. Ebeye, Jaluit and Majuro all have post offices operated by the US postal service, and there are two on Majuro and one on Ebeye.


All visitors 21 years or older can import up to two liters of alcohol to the Marshall Islands without incurring customs duty. Tobacco restrictions are 75 cigars, 300 cigarettes or 225 grams. Pornography, firearms, ammunition, and drugs are strictly prohibited. Visitors cannot export turtle shells, coral or valuable historic artifacts.

Tourist Office

Marshall Islands Visitor Authority, Majuro: +692 625 6482 or

Consulates in Marshall Islands

US Embassy, Majuro: +692 247 4011
Japanese Embassy, Majuro: +692 247 7463
Taiwanese Embassy, Majuro: +692 247 4141-2
British Consulate, Majuro: +692 625 3828
French Consulate, Majuro: +692 625 3133
Israeli Consulate, Majuro: +692 625 3680


Emergency services: +692 625 4111
Police: +692 625 8666