Photo Credit: Johnny Peacock

Zimbabwe’s beautiful and challenging environment is one of the main draws to the country. From the national parks to the majestic bodies of water, adrenaline junkies will be brimming from ear to ear at the plethora of outdoor adventure activities that lie in store. If you’re looking for a more relaxed vacation, there are plenty of things to do that don’t require much physical exertion.

With so many attractions, the most difficult decision will be which ones to include. For the brave, there is the exhilarating bungee jump over the breathtaking Zambezi River, while canoeing safaris are an interesting and alternative way to see some of the region’s wildlife. For something less blood pumping, travelers can choose a freshwater fishing tour or play a round of golf at one of the country’s several courses.

An exciting, albeit nail-biting, adventure is bungee jumping at Victoria Falls. The Victoria Falls Bridge, which stands at an incredible 111 m over the powerful Zambezi River, serves as the perfect launching pad. This rare opportunity to fly through the air against the backdrop of the gorgeous Zambezi Valley is the experience of a lifetime and can be booked through Shearwater Adventures.

A must while on the continent is a real African safari. There are several tour companies which offer a range of exciting packages, the most notable being Wild Frontiers. Experience everything from walking and trekking to game drives in one of Zimbabwe’s national parks to catch a glimpse of the ‘big five’ while sleeping under the African sky. Be it a simple bush camp or a luxury lodge, there are accommodations to suit every need or budget.

For those interested in a more active experience, canoeing safaris provide a great alternative. Rent a boat or canoe for a day or week and sail along Lake Kariba or the stunning bodies of water in Mana Pools National Park to see animals which are not readily spotted on traditional game drives. Everything from elephant and buffalo to rhino live on the banks of these waters, making for an exciting and interesting adventure. Wild Frontiers can help organize your trip.

The Eastern Highlands is comprised of a stunning mountain range and a gorgeous green countryside. Bordering Mozambique, the Highlands are the perfect place for hiking and trekking. Whether you want a short trip or an advanced trek to the summit of Zimbabwe’s highest peak, Mt Nyangani, there are a range of options to suit every fitness level. There are also several villages along the way which can be visited to get a first hand look into local life. Tours can be arranged with Inbound Tour Operators of Zimbabwe.

Avid anglers will be glad to know that there are many freshwater fishing spots in the region. Whether the serene Lake Kariba, the majestic Zambezi River, or in the beautiful streams of the Eastern Highlands, Zimbabwe’s waters will not disappoint and you’ll be catching tigerfish and giant catfish before you know it. The reputable Mwinilunga Safaris operates several freshwater expeditions in the region.

For those looking for something with a slower tempo, there is always the option of a round of golf. There is no shortage of courses in the country, with some 40 clubs accessible to the public. The country is actually known for its golf, which play host to the annual Zimbabwe Open. Knock back a few holes at the Chapman Golf Club just outside of Harare, which is touted as the best in the country.

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