Photo Credit: Meraj Chhaya

Zimbabwean cuisine, like that of many other African nations, is based largely on staple ingredients like maize meal. A popular, hearty dinner is pap (maize meal cooked into a porridge-like consistency) with vegetable gravy and meat. This delicious food can be found all over the country for reasonable prices. Bars and clubs, however, are only common in the large city centers.

Zimbabwe Bars and Pubbing

Harare and Bulawayo are the best places to be when looking for a good night out or even just a few drinks in a bar. The country’s British colonial history has left it with a nice selection of authentic pubs. The Keg & Maiden (Fifth Street, North of City Centre, Harare Sports Club, Harare) and the Brass Monkey (Zonk’Izizwe Center, Hillside Road, Bulawayo) are both great venues for knocking back a pint.

Harare also has a great selection of live music venues. The Mannenburg Jazz Club (Fife Avenue Shopping Centre, Fife Ave, North of City Centre, Harare) has live performances by top musicians every night except Sunday. Jazz 105 (Corner of Second St and Robson Manyika Ave, City Centre, Harare) is a trendy little place that specializes in Afro jazz and has shows on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Night owls who are looking for something a little more up tempo should head to Sam Levy’s Village in Harare where the Origins Nightclub (Corner of Borrowdale & Piers Roads, Borrowdale, Harare) plays thumping beats late into the evening.

Zimbabwe Dining and Cuisine

All of Zimbabwe’s main cities offer a wide range of dining options. Whether you’re looking for authentic Southern African cuisine or something more international, Zimbabwe will not disappoint. Most top-quality restaurants are located in the capital of Harare. For a taste of the local fare, try Amanzi’s (158 Enterprise Road, Highlands, Chisipite, Harare), a fine-dining establishment in a gorgeous colonial style house has some of the best food in the country and a superb setting.

The Shop Café (Doon Estate, 1 Harrow Road, Msasa, Harare) is the perfect place to go for international fare and is famous for its breakfasts of homemade muesli, stewed fruit, and yogurt. The restaurant also serves great lunches like fish curries and oven bakes. There is a quaint shop attached to the café which sells hand-painted ceramics, textiles, and other arts and crafts.

For Indian food, try Jaipur (Sunrise Sports Club, Hurtsview Road, Ridgeview, Harare). This modest restaurant overlooks a stunning cricket ground and serves the best masala dosas and vegetarian thalis in town. For a sweet treat, the Italian Bakery (Ground Floor, Avondale Shopping Centre, King George Rd Avondale, Harare) has captivating delicacies.

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