Photo Credit: Bob Adams

Harare International Airport

Harare International Airport is the largest airport in Zimbabwe and the country’s main gateway. Since political stability declined in 2002, several international carriers have stopped flying into the region, making US direct connections non-existent. Even European connections are few and far between. When flying from America, it is best to go through Johannesburg, Dubai or Amsterdam before transferring to Harare.

There are a range of facilities including restaurants, duty-free shops, and car rental agencies. The airport is located nine miles (14 kms) southeast of downtown and transfers to the city can be made with scheduled buses. Taxis usually wait outside the International Arrivals Terminal to take travelers into Harare.

Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo International Airport

Bulawayo’s airport is the nation’s second largest port of entry into Zimbabwe, having been recently renovated to accommodate the large influx of tourists. The main airline operators are Air Zimbabwe and South African Airways. Traffic comes from surrounding Southern African nations, with no flights arriving directly from the US or Europe. US travelers can connect via Johannesburg. Only 15 miles (24 kms) from the center of Bulawayo, the airport is served by local buses and taxis. During peak season, public transport transfers can become limited so it is a good idea to book ahead of time to avoid disappointment.

Victoria Falls Airport

Victoria Falls Airport, unsurprisingly, caters mostly for the tourism industry in the Victoria Falls region. The main airlines in operation are South African Airways, British Airways, and Air Namibia. Johannesburg and Windhoek are served year-round, but charter flights also come in from across Europe. US visitors can connect via Vienna, Helsinki, Oslo, London, Moscow, and Copenhagen, which are all served by charter. The airport is small and the runway is ill equipped to handle large carriers. Situated 14 miles (22 kms) outside of the center of town, taxi and bus services are available for onward transportation.

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