Photo Credit: DFID - UK Department for International Development

Americans need a pre-approved multiple-entry visa to visit Zambia, which costs US$80 and is valid for up to three years. Citizens of Canada, Britain, Australia, and New Zealand need a pre-arranged single-entry visa to enter. Those arriving from another country should check the Department of Immigration website to determine their visa requirements. No vaccinations are required.

Health and Safety

Although yellow fever is not a big problem in Zambia, if you are continuing to another country, you may be required to show proof of vaccination for your onward travel. Malaria is rampant so keep your arms and legs covered as much as possible and always use insect repellent or take anti-malaria pills. Nearly 17 percent of the population is HIV infected.

In general, Zambia is safe, although women should avoid going to bars on their own. There is a 10:00 p.m. curfew and those caught out after hours risk getting arrested or mugged in the big cities. Don’t flash a lot of cash or wear anything that may draw unnecessary attention. Pick pocketing in busy areas such as markets and bus stations is also common.

If engaging in extreme sports while in Livingstone, make sure that you are covered by your travel insurance. Numerous petty crimes have been reported between the city and Victoria Falls so it is recommended not to walk between the two, but rather to go by taxi, car rental or minivan.

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