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Zambia Taxis and Car Rental

The large, most visited cities in Zambia offer taxi services, with official cabs typically blue or gray in color. These are not metered, but instead run on a fixed rate with a typical short journey costing just around US $4. Tozimo (+260-955-253865) is a reliable private taxi company in Livingstone, while Lusaka Zambian Comfort Taxis (+260-272203) is a reputable company in the capital.

Roads in Zambia are in poor condition, but distances between attractions are often far so car rental can be a good way to explore the country, with four-wheel drive vehicles recommended. Kenneth Kaunda International Airport and most major cities offer a wide selection of car choices which can be rented with or without a local driver.

Zambia Water Taxis

Although Zambia is landlocked, there are ferries that enter from Tanzania via Lake Tanganyika and from Namibia across the Zambezi River. Otherwise, boats are typically for recreational purposes only, such as for whitewater rafting, sunset cruises, fishing expeditions, and river safaris.

Zambia Trains and Buses

The Tazara Railway connects Kapiri Mposhi to Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) and is the only international line that is presently running. The two-day journey leaves every Tuesday and Friday at 4:00 p.m. An alternative is to go from Kapiri Mposhi to the Tanzanian border. There is also an inter-city railway that runs between Kitwe and Livingstone with stops along the way that include Lusaka. There are two trains that run this route, regular day service and the faster Zambian Express. Ordinary trains only have one class of seats, while express trains offer a wide variety, with a sleeper for two, four or six. Rail transportation in Zambia is slow, but safe and reliable.

Minibuses can be found everywhere though they are irregular and uncomfortable, but offer visitors an authentic experience. They can be flagged down pretty much anywhere and are used as public transportation to get around Lusaka. Larger, luxury coaches are best for long distance travel and generally depart from or arrive at Lusaka’s bus station.

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