Photo Credit: Valerian Guillot

Sudan experiences hot weather conditions throughout the year. In the north, conditions are hot and dry, while the south displays a hot and humid climate. As in most desert regions, there are drastic changes between the daily and nightly temperatures. It is advisable to take a light jacket along to keep the chill off in the evenings.

The hottest time of the year is between April and September, when violent sandstorms blow across the country. During May and June, temperatures can climb as high as 120°F. Temperatures in the south of the country are a bit lower but not low enough to make a huge difference. The humidity is also higher as the south displays a tropical and equatorial environment. While sandstorms hit the north, rainstorms hit the south throughout the whole year, peaking between April and November, often making travel around the region difficult.

Best Time to Visit Sudan

The best time to visit the country is largely dependent on weather rather than crowds of tourists. As many travelers are weary of the country’s political instability, Sudan does not see hordes of travelers at any one time of the year. The best time to go climatically is between September and April. During this time, the rains in the south subside, while the sweltering temperatures of the north have not yet made their uncomfortable presence known.

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