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Sudan Taxis and Car Rental

Taxis are a convenient way of getting around cities in Sudan and fares are inexpensive. There are two types of taxis available to travelers. There are the usual taxis which take one passenger from point A to point B. These taxis are not metered, so fares need to be agreed upon before departure. Then there are bakassis, which are minibus shared taxi that have no set stops but simply pick people up and drop them off as requested. Both types of taxi can simply be flagged down from the side of the road.

Car rentals are available from Sudan airports and in major city centers but tend not to be the most popular mode of transportation because rental fees are high and independent travel by road comes with a risk in many areas. It is best to rent a four-wheel drive as some of the roads, especially those outside of cities, are undeveloped and difficult to navigate. Roads outside of centers like Khartoum are often unsafe and travelers intent on visiting remote areas should be accompanied by a guide or local driver.

Sudan Trains and Buses

An efficient and inexpensive way of traveling between cities is by the local train system. The train network in the country is extensive, with the main line connecting Wadi Halfa in the north to Khartoum near the south. The total journey takes about two days but the train makes several stops along the way at which travelers can stock up on refreshments. There are also lines between Nyala and Er-Rahad, and Khartoum and Port Sudan. Travelers have a choice of first class seats (which are comfortable), sleeper carriages, and second and third class seats, which are far more rustic.

Previously, the network of roads in the county was limited and unpaved in most areas. Recently, however, the road network has grown significantly, making bus and coach travel a viable option for getting from one city to another. Bus routes stretch as far as Khartoum to Wadi Halfa and to the Ethiopian border and Port Sudan. There are a few private bus companies which operate reliable services but in most areas, rustic trucks are used to transport people between regions. These trucks are unsurprisingly less comfortable than the large coaches.

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