"2011-SaoTome-24" by Helena Van Eykeren via Flickr Creative Commons

São Tomé e Príncipe Taxis and Car Rental

Car rentals are available in the country and there are a few international companies that have a presence but the more popular options are often through local companies, which are cheaper and offer equally reliable services. The network of roads in the country is extensive, adding up to about 230 miles. That said, most of the roads are in poor condition and several are unpaved. If travelers are intent on renting a vehicle, they should consider a four-wheel drive, which is far better equipped to deal with the unpredictable nature of many routes in the country.

There are a few private taxi services in the country, mainly operating the route between São Tomé International Airport and the city center. There are also shared taxis in most of the cities, which are identifiable by their bright yellow color and can simply be flagged down at the side of the road. Journeys within cities have fixed prices and travelers simply need to pass the money to the front of the taxi at some point during the journey. The prices of journeys outside of the city need to be negotiated beforehand.

São Tomé e Príncipe Trains and Buses

São Tomé once had a thriving railway system but this network has since been abandoned. Today, there are no rail services in the country and while sightseeing, travelers may even stumble upon the ruins of a few old railway stations and abandoned carriages.

There are no private bus companies or coach services in the country. The only way to navigate between regions is to take a minibus taxi, which can be flagged down in cities or found waiting at communal taxi ranks. The fares for long distance trips should be agreed upon prior to departure as there are no set routes. Travelers who wish to navigate their way between islands can do so either by ferry or local airline. 

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