Formation, Recherche, et Environnement dans la Tshopo (FORETS), Democratic Republic of Congo Photo by CIFOR via Flickr Creative Commons

The Congo is close to the Equator, making it susceptible to rains and thunderstorms. Annual precipitation may reach over 80 inches in some regions. The Congo’s climate is generally tropical, with most of the country experiencing hot and humid weather throughout the year, except for areas in high altitude. The average daytime temperature is 86°F.

Best Time to Visit Congo

The best time to visit the Congo’s northern regions is during the dry season, which is generally December through February. In the southern areas, the dry season is between April and October. The Congo’s temperatures remain warm throughout the year, and humidity is high. Light clothing is recommended and don’t forget to bring rain gear. Swimsuits should only be worn poolside or at the beach.

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