Traveling photographers have such an opportunity to discover this wonderful planet, discover new horizons and cultures in locations photographing…

Traveling photographers have such an opportunity to discover this wonderful planet, discover new horizons and cultures in locations photographing Tibetan pilgrims, the red center of Australia, the northern lights in the Arctic circle, the wonders of national parks in North America or wildlife in Ecuador. These journeys should kindle a passion for photography and help you bring back the most memorable of photographs.

  1. Jokhang Temple, Tibet, China

    Everyday Buddhist pilgrims walk the kora around Tibet’s holiest temple prostrating before the temple doors, muttering mantras and turning prayer wheels. The matted, festy village people with their long braids and amazing jewelery are incredible to photograph.

  2. Red Centre, Australia

    You can’t beat Australia’s red and remote center for incredible landscape vistas. There’s the famed Uluru (Ayer’s Rock), the Olgas, Kings Canyon and Ormiston Gorge. It reads like a list of credits with gorgeous red rock, earthy colors and mystique plus wildlife like kangaroos, dingoes and snakes often in the localities.

  3. Kashgar market, Xinjiang, China

    This weekly market in the remote town of Kashgar was established over 2000 years ago as part of the Silk Road route and today 100,000 traders still rumble in to town on their carts and camels to sell their wares. The market is huge – nuts, housewares, rugs, food and knives fill the massive indoor shopping area. Or you can bargain for sheep, donkeys or camels the livestock market. This is one of those markets where the people are just as interesting as the produce.

  4. The Northern Lights, Iceland

    Just the thought of watching the interplay of light and shadow up in the Arctic Circle will make most photographer’s hearts jump. Usually the best period is between November and February, although they can be seen as early as late August and as late as mid April.

  5. Djenne weekly market, Mali

    Every Monday local vendors set up their wares and food items to sell in the shadow of the impressive Djenne mud mosque. Trucks, cars, animals and boats bring people from all over the area, and sometimes a lot further away, to buy and sell goods. Photography is a fabulous over the mountains of produce and the kaleidoscope of colorful dress and people.

  6. Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, Utah, Montana and Idaho

    Capturing Yellowstone on film is easy with a beautiful subject almost everywhere you turn. Go in fall for the colors, visit the geysers, photograph the Grand Canyon, follow bucking broncos and cowboys with your lens, catch real American Indians at a powwow or hunt amazing wildlife with your zoom.

  7. Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

    This is the ultimate location for wildlife photography. You’ll feel like David Attenborough touring these islands and photographing blue-footed boobies, sea lions, giant tortoises and dolphins.

  8. Venice, Italy

    This legendary city of art and canals is the ideal location for photography. There are hundreds of small islands and a dense network of canals in which to get watery reflections. Or you could concentrate on the grand Venetian architecture of palazzo’s and churches or time your journey for the annual Carnevale to photograph the elaborate costumes.

  9. Milford Track, New Zealand

    This is a land of sheer beauty and scale with glaciers, high mountains and a trove of natural wonders. To get right in the thick of it walk the Milford Track with your photographic gear, one of the nation’s most famous trails, into the celebrated Fiordland National Park.

  10. Pantanal, Brazil

    The grassland and riparian woodlands of Brazil’s Pantanal on the east side of the Andes are concentrated with wildlife in the hot, dry season before the big rains. The rivers, marshes, lakes and streams that nourish these wildlife bring many photography opportunities including the giant anteater, jaguar and tapir.