The grand landscapes and changing season of North America are a kaleidoscope of color for the photographer. Wildlife enthusiasts will love the…

The grand landscapes and changing season of North America are a kaleidoscope of color for the photographer. Wildlife enthusiasts will love the Alaskan wilderness and there’s even historic and unusual options in New Mexico.

  1. Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, Utah, Montana and Idaho

    Capturing Yellowstone on film is easy with a beautiful subject almost everywhere you turn. Go in fall for the colors, visit the geysers, photograph the Grand Canyon, follow bucking broncos and cowboys with your lens, catch real American Indians at a powwow or hunt amazing wildlife with your zoom.

  2. Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, New Mexico

    For some truly colorful images journey to this festival in October. The event goes for nine days and is fabulous for photography. Get images of the balloon preparation, the liftoff of thousands of baskets at dawn or dusk and even get inside the basket for some scenic aerial views.

  3. Vermont, Canada

    Winter, summer, spring and autumn scenes in Vermont are all as glorious as the next, although the amazing array of fall colors takes some beating. Mountains, lakes, wildlife, small towns, wonderful farms, covered bridges and waterfalls are just some of the subjects to catch on film.

  4. Aurora Borealis, Alaska

    Spend nights observing and photographing the amazing and beautiful northern lights. The best locations are generally considered between Fairbanks and Barrow between September and March, however if there is no cloud cover August can also be ideal.

  5. Polar Bears and Winter Wildlife, Alaska

    The magnificent scenery and wildlife of the Brooks Range and the Arctic coastal plain is superb for photography. Go by September or October and you’ll find that while winter is on its way, the temperatures are moderate enough for photography and days long enough to provide enough light.

  6. Colorado Wildflowers

    American Basin is the location to visit and one that is regularly photographed for wildflowers in Colorado just outside Silverton. Photograph the wildflower meadows with a backdrop of gorgeous mountains.

  7. Death Valley, Nevada

    Enjoy the unique rock and sandstone formations of this region, the rugged mountains, rare desert wildlife and spectacular desert scenery. The landscapes are huge and just begging to be captured on camera. You’ll want to arrive at sunrise or sunset for the best photos as the light is just too bright during the day.

  8. Redwood National Park, California

    There’s a real variety of shot in the deep forests of California. You’ll need fast film that can render the brown, green and red colors of the forest, close-up equipment for wildflowers and a telephoto lens for the elk. The redwoods are massive and will require an ultra wide-angle to fit them in. Make sure you pack for wet weather.

  9. Prince William Sound, Alaska

    To photograph almost everything that makes Alaska famous you should head here. There’s a wide variety of birds from shorebirds to raptors, brown bear, caribou, musk oxen and moose plus the colorful tundra and beautiful glacier covered mountains. And in the water you’ll see marine life such as orca whales, dolphins and humpbacks.

  10. Historic Taos / Santa Fe, New Mexico

    Ruins, Spanish Missions and Pueblo Reservations dot the landscape of New Mexico providing fantastic photograph opportunities plus an instant history lesson of the state.