Recommended reading Lonely Planet Landscape Photography: A Guide to Taking Better Pictures by Peter Eastway This…

Recommended reading

Lonely Planet Landscape Photography: A Guide to Taking Better Pictures by Peter Eastway
This award-winning landscape photographer shares his knowledge to help you find and capture memorable landscape images.
Lonely Planet Travel Photography: A Guide to Taking Better Pictures by Richard I’Anson
This book contains tips on protecting and caring for your camera gear, how to avoid common photographic mistakes, a guide to photo etiquette and more.
Digital Travel Photography Digital Field Guide by David D. Busch
A guide to using digital cameras to get once-in-a-lifetime shots. Contains information on composing pictures, working with lighting, editing and uploading from the road, flash and tips for scenery, wildlife, events and more.
Spirit of Place: The Art of the Traveling Photographer by Bob Krist
This book takes you on a world tour and shows you how to bring home memorable pictures of people, festivals, wildlife, landscapes and architecture. Valuable tips on how to pack and carry photo equipment, and how to prepare for various locations and weather conditions.
Travel and Photography: Off the Charts by Lou Jones
This book touches on just about everything involved in travel photography from what cameras and lenses to carry, what to shoot, what clothes to wear, how to handle your money and how to keep yourself healthy. Photographs add relevance to the text and there are useful anecdotes about how to solve typical and unique problems such as lighting, language barriers and so on.
The World From Above by Yann Arthus-Bertrand
A stunning collection of photographs that gives viewers a window into the world’s workings from above and gives meaning to statistics underlying environmental problems and forest clearing.
National Geographic
The world leader in photography puts out this regular magazine containing articles and features about animals, the environment and cultures.
Better Photography
An Australian magazine of international acclaim renowned for its exceptional photography, creative design and high quality articles.
Portraits by Steve McCurry
An inspiring collection of portraits taken around the world by National Geographic photographer Steve McCurry.
Through the lens: National Geographic greatest photographs by Leah Bendavid Val
National Geographic selected 250 images for this stunning collection of photos that represent the regions of the earth, sea, outer space; humans and nature; and even the history of the medium.
Inside Sahara by Basil Pao, Michael Palin
Photographer Basil Pao accompanied actor Michael Palin and a BBC film crew into the heart of the world’s largest desert, the Sahara and this is the result – a journey of remarkable pictures of landscapes and people.
National Geographic Photography Field Guide: People and Portraits by Robert Caputo
Reveals the best angles, lighting and lenses to capture candid images and portraits of just about anyone. Easy to follow instructions and plenty of useful images make this a great book for novice and professional photographers to improve their skills.

Useful Websites

Apogee Photo Magazine (
Free online photography magazine with online classes, nature, wildlife, digital and how-to photography articles.
Photography Travel Guides (
Useful information on where you can go to take great wildlife and scenic photos in North America. Contains guides to national parks, slot canyons, wildlife and scenic areas.
Focus on Photography (
A useful guide with 100s of useful tips for travel photography.
Visited Planet (
On-line travel image database with images showing the real human side of destinations around the world with subjects covering festivals, marriage, markets and more. They also offer freelance correspondence courses.
Steve Parish (
Beautiful images of Australian landscapes by one of the most renowned Australian photographers.