Anywhere in Europe can become a photographer’s dream location. From quaint cottages to the spires of churches, medieval streets and squares,…

Anywhere in Europe can become a photographer’s dream location. From quaint cottages to the spires of churches, medieval streets and squares, colorful festivals and picturesque landscapes; there’s real variety and inspiration.

  1. The Northern Lights, Iceland

    Just the thought of watching the interplay of light and shadow up in the Arctic Circle will make most photographer’s hearts jump. Usually the best period is between November and February, although they can be seen as early as late August and as late as mid April.

  2. Venice, Italy

    This legendary city of art and canals is the ideal location for photography. There are hundreds of small islands and a dense network of canals in which to get watery reflections. Or you could concentrate on the grand Venetian architecture of palazzo’s and churches or time your journey for the annual Carnevale to photograph the elaborate costumes.

  3. Svalbard, Norway

    The mammals and seabirds of the Norwegian Arctic are simply wonderful for photography. In the sea ice keep an eye out for Polar Bears stalking seals. In the cliffs there are nesting bird colonies or on land you’ll come across arctic fox and reindeer. There are plenty of glorious landscapes as well including fjords and icebergs.

  4. Tuscany, Italy

    Most photographers dream of snapping the vineyards, olive groves, medieval cities, farming communities and food of Tuscany. This region is the birthplace of the Etruscan civilization and many ruins still lie intact today, it is home to the Renaissance with a myriad of museums and art in places like Florence and the countryside is simply magic. Take in any of the annual harvests of wine, truffles, olives or chocolate; visit jazz festivals; follow hunters targeting wild boar or pheasant; or shoot the gorgeous medieval streets and churches in any number of towns. You’ll need plenty of time and lots of gig space!

  5. Ireland

    The unspoiled villages and landscapes of Ireland are perfect for a photographic itinerary. Perhaps particularly on the Dingle Peninsula on the dramatic coastline of Western Ireland where the soft pastel shades of mountains contrast perfectly with a deep blue sea. Or take a loop around the Ring of Kerry for views of ancient abbeys, farms and high passes.

  6. Scotland

    You could go mad with your shutter in Scotland on the landscapes of the Highlands, or the splendid architecture of Edinburgh or Aberdeen, summer festivals that range from the Fringe and Military Tattoo in Edinburgh to a series of fun Highlands Games or wildlife on the remote isles of Skye, Orkney or the Hebrides. There’s a smorgasbord of choice.

  7. Andalucia, Spain

    The vibrancy of this southern region of Spain can be easily translated to your camera, particularly during the summer months when fiestas and celebrations are held everywhere. Go to a bullfight for images of matadors, visit Seville for guitarists and flamenco dancers, take in the Moorish architecture in Granada’s Alhambra and Cordoba’s Alcazar, photograph the glorious Sierra Nevada mountains, or wander through an endless array of small villages and wonderful towns.

  8. Provence, France

    This journey is a real treat for photographers – a taste of the color, people, foods and culture of one of France’s most picturesque regions. Come in autumn when the lavender fields turn the area into a sea of purple, visit the local markets for images of food, hop between the wineries and stroll the market towns.

  9. Tulips and Windmills, Holland

    Some of the enduring images of the Netherlands are of blooming tulip fields and windmills. Come in Spring for the best blooms and visit Keukenhof, the world’s largest flower garden. Windmills around Kinderdicht are particularly quaint but can be photographed almost anywhere. And don’t put off winter as a non-photography season. There may not be blooms but there’s still plenty to snap - rows of bikes in Amsterdam covered in snow and frozen canals and lakes filled with skaters.

  10. England

    Almost anywhere you go in England will give you plenty of photographic opportunities. Start in London and catch the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace, the weekend markets, the Houses of Parliaments, glorious gardens and quaint pubs. Or venture further out to the spires of Oxford, the rugged coasts of Cornwall, the delights of the Lake District or the white cliffs of Dover. You’ll be spoilt for choice.