Suggested Tour Operators Wildlife Petersen Photography (, Tel. + 1 (866) 949…

Suggested Tour Operators


Petersen Photography (, Tel. + 1 (866) 949 3007)
A Canadian wildlife photographer offering eco tours to Africa, the Galapagos, Canada and South American wildlife locations.
Chessman’s Ecology Safaris (, Tel. + 1 (800) 527 5330)
Natural history eco tours and photographic safaris that travel to destinations unique for abundant and photogenic mammals, birds and nature.


Travel Images (, Tel. + 1 800 325 8320)
A photo tour specialist for small groups to places like Yellowstone, New Zealand, Ireland, the Canadian Rockies and Cinque Terre.
Photo Expeditions (, Tel. + 1 (505) 232 2231)
Tours to New Mexico, France, India and other locations by a National Geographic contributor. Trips are aimed at amateur and serious photographers and are limited to six participants.
Strabo Photo Tours (, Tel. + 1 866 218 9215)
Strabo Tours offers wildlife, landscape and architectural tours from the wildlife of the Serengeti, to landscapes in Ireland and hill towns of Tuscany.
Photography Tours (, Tel. + 1 866 218 9215)
An amazing array of photography sightseeing tours incorporating bird and animal life in the Falklands and New Zealand, architectural delights of Eastern Europe, the soft landscapes or Tuscany and rugged beauties of North America.
Photo Explorer Tours (, Tel. + 1 800 315 4462)
Photo tours led by photographers to Antarctica, Central Asia, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, Europe and Scandinavia.
Wilderness Photography Expedition Tours (, Tel. + 1 406 222 2986)
Arranges custom trips for groups of adventure photographers to Costa Rica, Alaska, the desert Southwest, the prairie of South Dakota, Antarctica and Africa.

North America

First Light Tours (, Tel. + 1 720 962 5929)
Photography workshops to top destinations in the USA featuring hands-on help in the field and instructional programs.
Wildflower Photo Workshop Tours (, Tel. + 1 800 825 1797)
Wildflower photography workshop tours in Arizona, Nevada and Utah designed to hit the peak bloom areas.

United Kingdom

London Photo Tours (, Tel. + 44 (0) 7738 942 099)
Practical one day photography walking tours of London.
Skye in Focus (, Tel. + 44 01471 822264)
Year round photography workshops and vacations suitable for all ages and abilities on the Isle of Skye.

South Pacific

Mark Gray Landscape Photography (, Tel. + 61 (03) 9874 3728)
Tours of the Great Ocean Road region sharing an intimate knowledge of the area.

Latin America

Costa Rica Photo Tours (
Nature photography tours of Costa Rica with the opportunity to photograph exotic birds, wild beaches and volcanoes.


Ocean Capture Adventures (, Tel. +33 (0) 5584 83771)
Photography vacations, tours and workshops in France with a professional landscape photographer.


Photo Safari India (
Nature and wildlife photography and tours in India.

Do-it-yourself options

It’s very easy to organize a do-it-yourself photography tour. Simply select a subject that interests you, then research where you might photograph it. If your topic is quite specific, it can make the travel arrangements more difficult or expensive. For example if you wish to photograph puffins or polar bears, there are only select destinations where you can find them. But if you’re interested in the movement of people and city life, you could visit any of the world’s great city’s and simply roam around.

Generally if you’re doing it yourself, you will need to think about the time of year that is best to photograph the location if it’s a seasonal place like a bird colony, national park or garden. You should also consider the time of day. The light might hit a particular temple, church or monastery at a set time, or the local market might not get going until midday. If you do not have a seasoned guide to advise you, allow more time on arrival to nut out the destination, find the best angles, best light and locations.