The wilds of Latin America are superb for the photography enthusiast. Journey to Brazil’s Pantanal for wildlife and landscapes, hike to the Inca…

The wilds of Latin America are superb for the photography enthusiast. Journey to Brazil’s Pantanal for wildlife and landscapes, hike to the Inca ruins in Peru for images of past civilizations, journey to the Darwinian wildlife of the Galapagos or indulge in the biodiversity of Costa Rica’s rainforests.

  1. Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

    This is the ultimate location for wildlife photography. You’ll feel like David Attenborough touring these islands and photographing blue-footed boobies, sea lions, giant tortoises and dolphins.

  2. Pantanal, Brazil

    The grassland and riparian woodlands of Brazil’s Pantanal on the east side of the Andes are concentrated with wildlife in the hot, dry season before the big rains. The rivers, marshes, lakes and streams that nourish these wildlife bring many photography opportunities including the giant anteater, jaguar and tapir.

  3. Day of the Dead festivities, Oaxaca, Mexico

    This amazing festival in Oaxaca, Southern Mexico, is an incredibly colorful event. Locals believe the spirits of the deceased come to visit on these special nights and they hold parties for the dead in cemeteries. They also prepare elaborate altars, parades and all night vigils. This will be a true challenge for your night photography skills.

  4. Patagonia, Argentina

    Lovers of icy landscapes, glaciers, snow-capped mountains and rugged scenes will love this part of the world. Bring a wide angle lens, plenty of gig space and a tripod for some of the most glorious shots. Take a cruise to get even closer to the glaciers and floating ice flows, or be prepared to do some hiking.

  5. Falkland Islands

    Another destination for the wildlife photographer are these remote islands where species of penguin, elephant seals, sea lions and fur seals thrive in a completely unspoiled environment.

  6. Peru

    Peru is such a fascinating mix of old and new, ancient Incan temples, snow-capped Andean peaks, untouched rainforest and dry desert it almost begs to be photographed. Visit local markets in Cusco to meet the proud Quechua people and enjoy their colorful clothing and local produce. Then walk the ancient pathways to the ruins of Macchu Picchu photographing the wonderful scenery, farmers working mountain terraces and of course the ancient civilization of the Inca’s.

  7. Costa Rica

    It might be small but Costa Rica is alive with wildlife. Visit the cloud forests Tortuguero National Park and Carara Biological Reserve in March for the most vibrant season when migrating species are visiting.

  8. Humpbacks of the Silver Bank, Dominican Republic

    The waters of the Dominican Republic hold the world’s largest concentration of Humpback Whales. And they converge here between December and April to calve and mate on the Silver Bank. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience to photograph these encounters.

  9. Emperor Penguins, Snow Hill Island

    If you want the ultimate image of the male Emperor Penguin incubating an egg, you’ll have to rug up for the severe winter. Temperatures reach minus 60 degrees as the poor father’s struggle through the bleak weather. At other times there are up to 4000 tuxedo-suited friends on this island to photograph.

  10. South Georgia

    If you like King Penguins you’ll have to come here. There are also mind-boggling numbers of elephant and fur seals, macaroni penguins and albatross. Stunning scenery, immense ice-crowned mountains, pristine beaches and whaling stations complete the package for the photographer.