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The Best PEI Beaches and Hikes for the Whole Family

There are over 20 beaches along 175-mile PEI, mostly characterized by their world-famous red sand cliffs, while others are...


Backcountry Bliss in Banff National Park

Hiking in the Canadian Rockies leads to a world of natural wonders. Discover high mountain passes and meadows blanketed in...

Extreme Sports

The Most Extreme Places on Earth

Some vacationers seek out relaxing beaches or historical sights. This isn't a list of those kinds of getaways. The world's...


Hiking the Very Active Pacaya Volcano in Guatemala

As the mini-van bounced through the windy Guatemalan landscape, I felt slightly nauseous as I listened to the driver (Jeff...

Gear / Gadgets

How to Choose a Water Purifier for Hiking and Camping

For most people living in the United States and other developed nations, water is taken for granted, but a portable water purifier for travel is an absolute must. The reality is most of the world must walk at least three hours to fetch water and at least 400 million people live in regions with severe water shortages. If you're planning an extensive backpacking trip or hike you must be prepared with a plan of how to obtain one of the earth's most valuable resources. Here are our tips for choos...


12 Must- Have Hiking and Climbing Adventures in Taiwan

Despite its small size, hiking in Taiwan is a popular activity and ideal destination for exciting outdoor adventures. If ...

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Hone Your Hiking Navigation Skills

You may plan to stay on a well-marked and well-maintained trail, but storms, trail damage or an accident can take you off ...

New Zealand

Hiking the Routeburn Track in New Zealand

New Zealand boasts nine “great walks,” hiking adventures that show off the beauty and splendor of the country. The Routebu...