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5 of the Best Eats in Panama City Beach

Without a doubt, one of the best parts about visiting the beach (besides the sun and surf) is the fresh seafood. Located o...

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Bucket List Worthy: Swim with Endangered Manatees in Florida

If elephants rule the African savannah, then manatees reign supreme in southern Florida. Gentle and trusting, manatees mea...


Pensacola, Florida: 8 Activities for Outdoor Adventure Lovers

Enjoy the great outdoors? The Pensacola Bay area in Florida is the perfect place to visit for some fun in the sun. It boas...

Scuba Diving

Wreck Dives, Blue Skies and Fish Tacos in Pensacola, Florida

As I listened to the hum of the captain’s boat and watched the sugar-white sand on Santa Rosa Island pass me by, I felt a ...


10 Amazing Outdoor Adventures to Have in Pensacola

Having fun isn’t hard to do — especially in a place like Pensacola. There are countless opportunities to get in touch with nature and have a great time in the surf and sand.


7 Ways to Enjoy the Water in Panama City Beach

With 27 miles of coastline, Panama City Beach’s ocean activities are endless. And even if ocean swimming isn’t your thing,...

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Shelby Church Explores Pensacola - And You Can Too! [VIDEO]

We partnered with Youtubers Shelby Church and Adrienne Finch to explore Pensacola, Florida for a long weekend. Check out t...

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Top 10 Food & Drink Experiences in Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach is more than just barefoot restaurants and beachfront bars (though it’s got plenty of those, too)—with a...