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The Ultimate Five-Day Itinerary in Mauritius

Mauritius is an amazing place to visit because there’s not a bad landscape to be found. If you have a full week to explore...

Tips, Tricks & Hacks

Certified Viking, Denver's Favorite Foodie, and iExplore’s Editor: Meet Lauren Monitz

Editor of iExplore Lauren Monitz offers some of her best tips, tricks, and hacks from her journeys at home and abroad.

Tips, Tricks & Hacks

Dave Thompson Says Take the Trip (It Might Change Your Life)

Wine and travel enthusiast Dave Thompson estimates he spends nearly four to six months traveling each year.

Tips, Tricks & Hacks

6 Reasons Millennials Should Consider Cruising for Their Next Vacation

Millennials have proven to be a generation of travelers. We roam and ramble, vagabond and explore more than any other gene...


6 Reasons a Cruise Is the Best Way to See Alaska

Traveling through a foreign land doesn’t get any easier or more comfortable than from the deck of a cruise ship. These massive boats bring people from all walks of life onboard together.


A Newbie's Guide to London's Must-See Museums

For centuries, London has been viewed as a cultural hub for music, arts, and history. One of the oldest remaining societie...

Tips, Tricks & Hacks

How One Contest Kick-Started Vagabond3's Travel Careers

Most people enter travel contests to win a once-in-a-lifetime dream vacation, but Jade and Bob of Vagabond3 got a little b...


North Lake Tahoe vs. Tahoe South: What's the Difference and Where Should You Go?

Lake Tahoe was formed out of the Sierra-Nevadas millions of years ago by faulting blocks during the Ice Age. Today, the sh...