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UAE and Me: A Family Getaway to the Middle East

While most adults find themselves fascinated by the aesthetic skylines, raging nightlife, plush hotels, and expansive reta...


The 6 Best Day Trips in the UAE

Most visitors think they’ve seen it all after exploring towering skyscrapers, palatial hotels, extravagant cars, and colos...


The 5 Most Incredible and Photogenic Mosques in the UAE

Home to one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, the U.A.E is a friendly and peaceful country that encourages cul...


Historical UAE Sites Straight Outta Aladdin

The UAE wasn’t always the thriving, cosmopolitan hub it is today. Before the discovery of oil, Bedouin settlers engaged in...

Middle East

7 Star Attractions in the Middle East

Characterized by religious turmoil, stark deserts and ancient civilizations, the Middle East is often the epicenter of world affairs, which is why most tourists choose to steer clear of the drama without so much as a second thought. Putting political drama aside, the Middle East is a treasure trove of historical sites to explore, and home to some of the most important archeological landmarks on the planet, an area of natural wonders found nowhere else on Earth. If you love adventure, it's tim...

Middle East

Israel: the Trip of a Lifetime

Despite being billed as a war zone or religious retreat by the media, Israel is a land of stark contrasts, with a variety ...


Yemen Travel Guide

The Romans called Yemen “Happy Arabia” (Arabia Felix) because it experienced more rainfall and was much greener than the r...


Uzbekistan Travel Guide

It is easy for travelers to Uzbekistan to discover why this country is a treasure trove of travel experiences. Having been...