To Know

Northwest Territories

Make the Fairy Meadows Your Base Camp for Adventure in the NWT

Of all the places in Canada, the Northwest Territories is certainly one that has a knack for the unexpected. The Death-def...


Experience the Real Great White North in Sirmilik National Park

The Nunavut region is one of the least populated regions in the world, let alone Canada. Visitors have a better chance of ...

British Columbia

Jet Boat Through the Wilds of Northern British Columbia

The wild, jagged landscape of northern British Columbia is an adventurer’s playground. With little tourism infrastructure,...


5 Provincial Parks in Quebec That’ll Make You Say “O, Canada”

Stretching from the United States border to the far North past the Hudson Bay, Quebec is Canada’s largest province. Scattered throughout are 24 glorious national parks, all bursting with outdoor pursuits more incredible than the last. So we ask: why limit yourself to just one?


48 Hours in Montreal

Montreal has a certain je ne sais quoi – a sophistication that is unlike any other large metropolitan city. Part European,...


Canada's Drive-Thru Safari Rivals the African Savanna

Most families head to the zoo to look at animals, assuming exotic creatures are a luxury that can only be found on safari....

Luxury Travel

Travel from Sea to Spa Aboard the Ridiculously Luxurious Rocky Mountaineer Railway

There are times when you find both zen and adventure in surprising places -- like an invitation to ride a luxury train thr...