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Share Your Space With a Spook at China's Hungry Ghost Festival

It’s a bit premature for talk of costumes, candy and trick-or-treating in the U.S. but if you’re headed to Asia in the nex...


Socotra is an Island Gem That Literally Looks Like It's From Another Planet

Sometimes you need an escape. And I’m not talking about Las Vegas for the weekend or a few days camping in the mountains -...


Meet Jeju: The Hawaii of Korea

Jeju Island is a hidden paradise not known to many outside of South Korea. Crystal clear waters, volcanic beaches, and mou...

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A Restaurant in the Middle of a Waterfall

One look at a map will prove there’s no shortage of waterfall hikes in the Philippines. In fact, it seems the entire archi...

Vacation Secrets

Get to Know the 'Stans Because They're a Secret, Untapped Backpacker's Paradise

If you're looking to get a bit off the beaten path and explore a totally foreign region with stunning scenery, welcoming locals, and a plethora of outdoor activities, while still sticking to a small budget, then you might consider a different part of Asia: Central Asia.

The Great Outdoors

K2, the Second Highest Peak, is Even More Harrowing Than Everest

The highest point on Earth and the "throat of the world," Mt. Everest is iconic. Many adventurers have been inspired to pa...

Weird & Wacky

The Strange Land of Azerbaijan Has Been on Fire for 65 Years

Soon after the wheels of your plane touch down on the tarmac of Baku, Azerbaijan, you’ll be greeted by the sight of its ic...


Top 10 Places Not to Miss in India

Incredibly diverse in topology, culture, heritage, religion, language, people and everything tangible - India is aptly ref...