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The Great Outdoors

K2, the Second Highest Peak, is Even More Harrowing Than Everest

The highest point on Earth and the "throat of the world," Mt. Everest is iconic. Many adventurers have been inspired to pa...

Weird & Wacky

The Strange Land of Azerbaijan Has Been on Fire for 65 Years

Soon after the wheels of your plane touch down on the tarmac of Baku, Azerbaijan, you’ll be greeted by the sight of its ic...


Top 10 Places Not to Miss in India

Incredibly diverse in topology, culture, heritage, religion, language, people and everything tangible - India is aptly ref...

Cultural Experience

See the World's Oldest Winery in this Remote Armenian Cave

Situated in a narrow valley above the tumultuous Arpa River, the Areni-1 cave complex in the Armenian province of Vayots D...


7 Must-See Waterfalls in Vietnam – From North to South

Beyond the beautiful beaches and the desert sand dunes, deep in the jungle blanketed mountains of Vietnam lie some of their most thrilling natural attractions in the country: waterfalls. As ancient rivers wend their way through the high country, water cascades over precipices, carving the rock and earthen landscape away. Some have been altered by man, others have been left to the hand of nature.

The Great Outdoors

Bangladesh is an Untapped Nature Lover’s Paradise

A fairly unknown travel destination to Westerners that’s often overshadowed by other neighboring Asian countries, Banglade...


Parahawking: Fly by Vulture in this New Nepal-Based Adventure Sport

Large, ungainly-looking bodies. Ugly brownish-black feathers. Strangely arched necks and wrinkled red heads. Vultures aren...