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The World’s Largest Ice Cave is Accessible in Austria

There are plenty of world wonders above ground…but what about below? Located in Werfen, 25 miles south of Salzburg, Austri...

Cultural Experience

Exotic Ruins of Ancient Civilizations You Have to See to Believe

Our world is covered in ancient ruins, leftover from bygone eras that rose and fell like waves across human history. Some ...

World Wonders

Top 10 Must See Wonders of the World Today

A definitive list of the must-see 7 world wonders and natural wonders of the world today


48 Hours in Izmir

The coastal city of Izmir has long been in the shadow of its big brother, Istanbul. But over the course of 15 years, Izmi...

World Wonders

The 7 Wonders of the World

The Greeks loved to make lists of the great works of art and architecture around the world. And while we think of the Seven Wonders of the World as one list, there actually are two lists created by Greek writers Antipater of Sidon and Philon of Byzantium. That means controversy. Naturally, since Greeks wrote the lists, they were heavy on Greek culture. That means no Great Wall of China or Stonehenge on the list since they were unaware they existed.

Middle East

7 Star Attractions in the Middle East

Characterized by religious turmoil, stark deserts and ancient civilizations, the Middle East is often the epicenter of wor...

Middle East

Israel: the Trip of a Lifetime

Despite being billed as a war zone or religious retreat by the media, Israel is a land of stark contrasts, with a variety ...

South America

7 Photogenic Attractions in South America to Blowup your Instagram

A land of extremes, from the driest desert to the highest waterfall in the world, South America is ablaze with natural won...