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Stunning Architecture in Strange Places

Our world holds many wonders, both natural and man-made. When nature’s splendor and human ingenuity collide, the result ca...

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Stockholm's Subway Station Just So Happens to Also Be the World's Longest Art Exhibit

Subways are typically primed for efficiency and convenience, but Stockholm's is an outlet for creative expression.

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Urban Adventures You Need to Experience in Seattle

Sunshine may be limited in Seattle, but the fun surely isn’t. Home to much more than just the Space Needle, interesting sh...

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6 Incredible Bridges Instagram is Absolutely Obsessed With

By definition, bridges exist as a means to an end - an avenue for travelers to overcome an obstacle to reach a destination...


8 Quirky European Towns to Visit

With the summer tourist swarms behind, fall and winter are actually two of the best times to visit Europe (Oktoberfest aside). Flights are cheap and tours will be half-dead, which makes it a perfect time to skip the hotspots and get to know some of the more unique cities.

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Be An Urban Explorer in Sioux Falls

Despite the many accolades Sioux Falls has racked up over the years (like one of the best value cities and best family des...

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The Best New UNESCO World Heritage Sites of 2016 to Add to Your Bucket List

Our planet is so full of breathtaking nature and fascinating cultural phenomena that it's often difficult to prioritize wh...

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An Expedition to Find America's Best Art Towns

Art offers a way to look beyond just a region's people and customs, and glimpse into their soul. There are a lot of big ci...