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London’s Top 4 Day Trips

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London Town: The Villages Personified

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Where to be Royal for a Day

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The Most Extravagant Royal Wedding Packages to Live like a King

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London Eye: Celebrating the "Wedding of the Century"

Who would have thought that the biggest television event of the year wouldn't be a sporting event, but a wedding? A world audience of over a billion people is expected to watch the union of Britain's Prince William of Wales and his bride Kate Middleton as events unfold in London on April 29th and Americans have become especially obsessed. With everyone from the major networks ABC and NBC to cable channels Lifetime and E!, royal wedding specials are all the rage. even BBC America is joining in...


London Calling

My love for all things English goes back a long ways. I can't seem to get enough of this wet, vibrantly green isle and eve...