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Experience the Edinburgh Festival Fringe: the Largest Arts Festival in the World

Festivals are undoubtedly an unavoidable part of our cultural expression. There are seemingly festivals for anything you c...


How to Experience London's Secret Underground Art Scene

Although Banksy — the popular, yet mysterious street artist — creates controversial and thought-provoking artwork all over...

United Kingdom

The Isle of Skye is the Most Magical Place in the World

The Scottish legends are true. The hills really are full of magic in the Isle of Skye.

United Kingdom

Amazing Moments in Cardiff, Wales

If someone asked you what European cities you’d like to visit, I imagine you’d say London, Paris or Rome. There’s a city I...

United Kingdom

How to See Liverpool Like a Local

Britain’s coastal city of Liverpool is perhaps best known for its industrial past—it reigned as the world’s leading city for cotton production during the Industrial Revolution—football and a little band widely known as the Fab Four. But sports, Beatles history and manufacturing aside, it’s also a vibrant place full of art, music and culinary wonders galore—and there’s never been a better time to be a Liverpudlian than now.

United Kingdom

Calling All Wizards: A Harry Potter Travel Guide to the UK

Did your Hogwarts acceptance letter get lost in the mail? Mine too. But not to worry, you can still experience all the mag...

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The Mongol Rally: the Greatest Motor Adventure on the Planet

This dangerously hilarious journey takes place ever year as part of The Adventurists’ roster of insane treks across the wo...

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A Guide to Getting Boozy in Scotland

Pubs are more ubiquitous in Scotland than kilts, and there are few things more satisfying than relaxing in one, sipping a ...