The world is quickly becoming more and more crowded and populations are shifting to cities in numbers like the Industrial Revolution. Vacation time is getting shorter in much of the world. The frustrations of crowds, noise, and the wear and tear of the daily grind need more than ever to be escaped, even if for a few days. When there is demand supply arises and weekend getaways and country inns are popping up in places around the globe where you would least expect them. Whether you head to a Himalayan hill station or a wine region chateau, you will forget the trials and tribulations of life in the city.

The Basics

A weekend escape or city escape is not something limited to one country or continent. It is simply a short trip that can be worked into a busy schedule. It tends to less about traveling and seeing new things than just getting your mind off of things. People are working more and more hours and taking less time off, not just in the United States, but all over the world and a quick getaway is growing in importance. You can even take a weekend getaway while you are on vacation. Simply take a several day tour through a local operator and head off for a few days.

There are numerous ways in which a weekend trip can be arranged. Most trips are within an hour of the city where you live. They are small retreats geared toward short stays. Increasing in popularity though are plane trips to far off destinations with a stay in a nice hotel. For instance, many in the Eastern United States are flying to Paris for the weekend. Package deals for short trips are standard for every travel agent. They should be one of the easiest trips to find, whether you are booking six months in advance or two weeks.

Where you would like to spend your week is likely the biggest choice you will have to make. Finding a place to stay near a beach is always easy. Hotels seem to congregate near every nice beach or stretch of coast. Often coastal areas tend to have many similar priced hotels and resorts near each other, so a range of price in accommodations isn’t always available. This is especially true with luxury resorts, which tend to dominate entire beaches. Sometimes to find a budget location you need to look a few streets from the beach or just move to another beach.

If you want fresh air, mountains, rolling hills, vineyard, or farmland you probably have more options than you think. Within an hour of almost every major city in the world there is some sort of small village or at the very least a quaint Bed and Breakfast. There might not always be a lot to do, but that can be a wonderful thing for those whose lives are so hectic that they can no longer concentrate. You can simply enjoy the scenery and the lack of noise, eat a few good meals, and just relax and watch TV.

Considering snow can be quite unpredictable in some areas, many ski trips are booked only weeks in advance. You can often find last minute deals combining a cabin or hotel, transportation, and lift tickets for considerable discounts. Luxury and health are common weekend favorites too. You can retreat to a spa or health resort for massages, skin treatments, soaks in the sauna, or leisurely hikes through gardens or mountains. You can even fast and go through detox programs over a long weekend to clean your system. Essentially it is a physical cleansing, but the mental clarity most receive that prepares them for their return to daily life shouldn’t be ignored. Along the same lines, yoga retreats at mountains, beaches, forests, and elsewhere away from the city are increasing in popularity.

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