Photo by: Mat79

Weekend retreats are big business for hard working North Americans who want to escape the daily grind, even if for a few days. B&B’s, Country Inns, Beach houses, Lake Houses, Ski Lodges, National Parks, Vineyards, and Desert Spas can be found within a short drive of almost every major North American City. While most North Americans are short on vacation time, when they do have the time off they know exactly where they want to spend it.

  1. Napa Valley From either San Francisco or Los Angeles you can hop in your car and enter one of the world’s great wine regions. Apart from the wine, you’ll find delightful inns and lavish spas strewn about the countryside.
  2. San Juan Islands, Washington Rolling hills covered in evergreen forests matched by a deep blue Orca filled sea define the small islets within ferry distance of both Seattle and Vancouver.
  3. Cape Cod, Massachusetts There’s room for more than just the Kennedy’s at the Cape. Small towns and friendly summer beaches are just what every kid from Boston needs.
  4. Amish Country, Ohio Rolling green hills ruled by golden farmland, horse drawn buggies, quaint B&B’s, country style dining, and the solitude of a world without electricity or machines.
  5. Upstate, New York The vast expanse of landscape in upstate New York has room for camping, skiing, hiking, hunting, or just relaxing lakeside. Hop on the Hudson line from Granc Central and you’re almost there.
  6. Santa Catalina Island, California Sung about and dreamed about, the small hilly island 27 miles from Los Angeles seems like it is 2700 miles. Charming inns and shops, a theater, botanical garden, docks for yachties, and even a herd of Buffalo.
  7. Yosemite National Park Yosemite’s nearly 800,000 acres of wilderness in the Sierra Nevada’s are surprisingly not that far from the Southern California metropolises of LA and San Diego.
  8. San Miguel de Allende, Mexico Either a four hour drive or short flight from Mexico City, the colonial town of San Miguel de Allende is lined with serene cobblestone streets, has perfect year round weather, is home to quaint inns and fine restaurants.
  9. Florida Keys While Miami is loud, noisy, dirty, and crowded, the Florida Keys are empty, serene, and pristine. The tiny Cays, all connected by road, have the feel of the Caribbean with their clear waters and tropical vibes.
  10. Las Vegas, Nevada There’s no place better to forget about life in North America than Sin City. Indulgence in every way: money, food, alcohol, glamour, luxury, and even nature.

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