You might be getting older but your travel days are not over. Those with a passion for travel who are over 50 should still be able to travel with zest, comfortably and safely. You might be widowed, divorced or have a partner who no longer wants to travel. Or perhaps you are done with raising the kids and want to hit the road. But you’re not alone.

Seniors are traveling more than ever before and it’s not just grandma travel. Seniors are exploring the world on cruises to far off destinations and taking sedate beach trips to the Bahamas, but they are also hiking in the Grand Canyon, doing road trips around Australia and biking through Burgundy. These trips can be about culture, adventure, epicurinary, music, literature or relaxation.

The basics

Mature adventurers have generally reached a level of financial stability that allows them to leave the armchair behind and explore the world. All you have to do is put your mail on hold and take off on the vacation you have earned. And the travel industry has become aware that older folks have the time and money to travel and are designing trips that provide the activities and experiences seniors enjoy. These generally include cultural activities or something with a grownup taste. Although there’s also plenty of options for those that still like to play a bit for example the golfing vacations, mountain biking and heli hiking options.

Options for beginners

There are plenty of sedate options if you’ve not traveled much, have health problems or don’t wish to be too remote. You could rent an RV in the USA or a “grey nomad” caravan in Australia and take a road trip. Stick to the main roads where there are plenty of gas/petrol available and sealed surfaces. Or go a little more up market in Europe and rent a BMW or a Mercedes to cruise around, stopping in B&Bs on the way. Or you could rent a canal boat in England, a journey that doesn’t require any former skill level or particular fitness, or take a cruise along the Danube or through the Pacific Islands. If you join in a group you’ll find people of the same age and time of life with similar interests – a great way to make new friends.

Options for advanced

Some seniors companies offer independent adventures where they take care of your luggage and logistics but leave you to explore at your own pace. This will satisfy those with the independent streak.

Most operators grade their tours so you can choose those with a more moderate or even extreme pace or activity. You may prefer some of the adventure activity type journeys or up the anti on a cruising vacation and undertake an expedition cruise to an area in the Arctic or Antarctic. Or go it alone and consider a do-it-yourself type vacation.

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