"Dahab" by Callme_SOO via Flickr Creative Commons

Africa and the Middle East should not be off the travel map for Senior travelers. There’s plenty of ways to deal with the distance, heat and cultures of the great continent and so much to enjoy and see on the way. Visit the Holy Land in Israel, relax on Egypt’s fabulous beach, delight in Moroccan food or follow the wine trail in South Africa.

  1. Holy Land, Israel Take a trip to the Holy Land taking in famous historical and holy sights such as Caesarea, Capernaum, Nazareth, the Dead Sea and the Old City of Jerusalem. There is history, legend and anecdotes everywhere.
  2. Dahab Beach, Egypt If you’ve just cruised the Nile, visited the pyramids of Cairo or the amazing sights of Luxor you’re probably ready to relax. Schedule a few extra days in at Dahab, a sedate beach location with year-round sunshine and warm water that is popular with divers, windsurfers and beach goers.
  3. Moroccan culinary experience Fall in love with Morocco through its foods. Marrakesh is a great place to start where you can enjoy the scents of the spice market, weave through the souks and then emerge in Djemaa el Fna Square; a hive of culinary fervor all day long. Any of the medinas and markets in Morocco will introduce you to exciting local flavors. Join a culinary tour or simply taste test as you go.
  4. Kilimanjaro climb, Tanzania If you’re seeking a little challenge then take on Africa’s highest mountain as you climb the Machame Route to its panoramic summit. There’s plenty of exotic landscapes to traverse to keep you interested and you should definitely celebrate your success at Ngorongoro Crater.
  5. Out of Africa with Karen Blixen, Kenya Visit Karen Blixen’s home in Africa at the foot of the Ngong Hills beyond Nairobi. You’ll soon see why she fell in love with the place. This autobiographical novel about the Danish expatriate running a coffee plantation can come to life when you visit her home, now open to the public as a museum.
  6. Bath houses, Tunisia Hammams or bathhouses are an important part of Tunisian culture. They are segregated and you pay your three dinars for a complete scrub down performed by a large Tunisian man or woman who will thwart any efforts at modesty. The dead skin is then washed off by soap and buckets of water.
  7. Cape Winelands, South Africa Bike, quad bike or horse ride following the wine tasting route in the picturesque regions outside Cape Town.
  8. Dogon country hike, Mali The location might be exotic but the hiking isn’t hard although you should expect some heat. This region is renowned for the 100-mile long Bandiagara Escarpment, which separates a rocky plateau from the dusty plain below. The countryside is picturesque and a great terrain for hiking, especially near the cliff where the unique Dogon houses and villages lie. The people have an animist religion and the best way to meet them is by hiring a local guide.
  9. Teach English Volunteer English teachers are in a high demand in most African countries and you’re never too old to help. You don’t even need to be a teacher, just seeking a meaningful opportunity to use your knowledge and experience.
  10. Rail journeys, Africa These steam train journeys recapture the romance of a by-gone era and also allow you to experience some of the magic and mystery of Africa in a relaxed fashion. A series of journeys link highlights of the region from Cape Town to Dar-Es-Salaam in Tanzania, from the desert of Namibia to KwaZulu-Natal and along the magnificent Cape South Coast.

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