"Animal Crossing - Banff National Park & Trans Canada Highway" by M01229 via Flickr Creative Commons

Across the United States and Canada are adventure vacations for people of any age. Challenge yourself by Heli Hiking in the Canadian Rockies, live it up with a week in Vegas, take a fishing trip to the Azores or the ultimate RV trip around the 52 states. There’s plenty of reasons in this part of the world to start celebrating your senior years.

  1. RV trips This is the quintessential American trip and more than nine million Americans undertake a journey each year into regions such as southeastern California’s enigmatic deserts, spectacular mountains on the Lewis and Clark route and Southern Texas’s Big Bend in the winter where wildlife and hot springs abound.
  2. Trans Canada Railway From the East Coast center of Halifax to the urban sophistication of Toronto to the heights of the Rocky Mountains this journey on the tracks is ideal for the senior traveler. Sit back and enjoy the diverse landscape and people over 2,775 miles; a real pioneering journey.
  3. Heli Hiking, Bobbie Burns, Canadian Rockies This is a not-to-be-missed adventure experience for people of all ages. Few people have set foot on these remote mountains as they are not so easily accessed. But thanks to helicopters, hiking possibilities are endless and awe inspiring. There are ridge walks above deep river basins with meadows in full bloom or crystalline lakes for dipping into after a long hike.
  4. Las Vegas Take a road trip, flight, balloon or sky dive to Vegas in the Nevada desert and enjoy the sumptuous buffets, gambling options and entertainment. A good chance to renew your wedding vows too in the 24 hour chapels.
  5. Canadian Rockies by BMW There’s no better way to take in the vast panorama of the Canadian Rockies then from behind the wheel of a BMW. Drive through the winding mountain roads, cruise the famed Icefields Parkway, take in picturesque Alpine lakes and grassy meadows, hike among snow-capped peaks, enjoy superb meals and finish the day at a hotel. It can’t get much better than this.
  6. Arizona Golf Come to Arizona to tee up in the desert for the ultimate golfing vacation. Native American reservations are now becoming savvier in tourism marketing and have opened new golf courses on their land – which are now amongst the best in the state.
  7. Paddlewheel Steamboats on the Lower Mississippi The deep South and land of Huck Finn is best explored via a steamboat on the Mississippi River. Enjoy the home of jazz and gospel and all the benefits of Cajun hospitality as you meander past the mansions of sugar and cane plantations, Civil War memorials, French-Acadian settlements and the bustling river ports of New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Memphis.
  8. Fishing, Azores islands These alluringly beautiful islands are actually part of Portugal but lie within a short flight of mainland Canada. Visiting them is also far less expensive than most European vacations. Fishing is a big industry here for locals and tourists. You can trawl, jig, do bottom fishing or live bait fishing.
  9. Vancouver Island Take the garden trail through Vancouver Island, which is particularly exquisite in spring when the flowerbeds, manicured lawns and woodlands look there best.
  10. Route 66 If you’ve never driven this classic route it’s time to get your kicks on Route 66. It’s the legendary car drive across the United States.

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