"Cycling through Vineyards in Mendoza, Argentina" by Turismo Baquia via Wikipedia

Europe is really the domain of any traveler, including the more mature. You can take any kind of tour or itinerary that suits your needs and budget. Do a canal river trip in England, the ultimate in luxury while still going somewhere, rent a sleek car to eat up the miles in France or Italy, do a bike cum wine tour in Burgundy, bathe in hot pools in Germany or Budapest and watch the tennis at Wimbledon.

  1. Driving vacations, Europe Conquer Europe in a sleek BMW on roads around the Alps, or stroll through the magnificent Dolomites in a Ferrari, admire the beauty of the Italian Lakes, unwind at a chic Swiss resort or take lunch on the French Riviera. These kinds of vacations are about style and class for those that can afford the car and the location.
  2. Bike and wine, Burgundy, France Ride a bike through the vineyards of Burgundy and stop off to enjoy the medieval castles, cobbled streets and of course the cuisine and fine wine of the region.
  3. Bath cure, Baden Baden, Germany This town located on the foothills of the Black Forest is renowned for its curative baths and hot springs. It does have a reputation as a rich person’s hangout but you can do plenty that’s on a budget. Go for walks along the river Oos or in the hills and forests around town then relax in the baths afterwards. These are an incredible experience with a series of saunas, steam rooms, plunge pools, hot tubs and relaxation areas. But they’re not for prudes - many do not allow bathing suits.
  4. Canal trips, England England is the place for canal boating with numerous waterways meandering past historic towns and rustic canal side cottages. The Llangollen Canal has 46 glorious miles of canal start in Shropshire and continue to the purple tinge of the northern Welsh hills passing mossy pastures, through underground tunnels, by a 1000ft aqueduct, soaring limestone cliffs and beautiful falls.
  5. Wimbledon, England Enjoy the pomp and ceremony of the emerald grass of Wimbledon and the world’s best players. This is the oldest and most prestigious championship in tennis.
  6. Golf, Scotland You haven’t really played golf until you’ve attempted it here in Scotland, where the game was first played in the fifteenth century at St Andrews. Most make the pilgrimage to St Andrews and thousands of others go to master the subtle intricacies of the other Open Championship venues of Carnoustie, Muirfield, Turnberry or Royal Troon; or the beautiful Royal Dornoch and Loch Lomond.
  7. World War II heritage, Normandy For those that grew up in pre or post war Europe the rugged beaches of war-torn Normandy will be well known. Consider a visit to pay your respects to the soldiers who landed at Normandy on D-Day in 1944 in the largest military invasion from the sea in the history of the world.
  8. Holy week, Greece Easter is celebrated with incredible splendor and devoutness in Greece. It’s also one of the loveliest seasons to visit with spring flowers in the fields. Even if you’re not a devout Christian or Catholic you’ll be moved by the celebrations which include prayer vigils, candle lighting ceremonies, parades, bell tolling and confetti throwing.
  9. Mozart, Austria The memory of Mozart fuels the local tourist industry in Salzburg. There is a musical foundation, museums and even a chocolate confection called Mozartkugeln in honor of the composer. Mozart Week is held in January and there are plenty of concerts of Mozart’s works during the Salzburg Festival.
  10. Concentration camps, Germany To fully appreciate the terrors of WWII and in order not to forget what man has been capable of doing, consider visiting Germany’s preserved concentration camps. They aren’t the biggest but are some of the first built in Europe. Dachau was the very first and the one on which all others were modeled. It has well preserved furnaces and cells. Buchenwald in the east was particularly notorious and the crematorium, cells, fences, watchtowers and even a collection of prisoners’ photos and shoes survive. Just outside Berlin at Sacsenhausen (political enemies) and Ravensbruck (female prisoners) are more chilling reminders of the war atrocities.

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