Photo by MemoryCatcher via Pixabay

Join the army of grey haired travelers in RVs or caravans on the roads of America and Australia exploring their home country. Or you could choose to travel by train across Canada and through the exotic Indian state of Rajasthan in complete comfort and luxury. There’s star gazing in Chile or luxury beach vacation sin the Bahams. So much choice, so little time!

  1. Grey Nomads, Australia Join the increasing number of older Australians that take to the road each year and putter around the nation pulling caravans. Many leave behind an empty nest or are newly retired and loving the opportunity to explore their own country for the first time. There are plenty of routes to take, some of the most popular include the Mathilda Highway from Barringun on the New South Wales border to Normanton in the Gulf of Carpentaria.
  2. RV trips, America This is the quintessential American trip and more than nine million Americans undertake a journey each year into regions such as southeastern California’s enigmatic deserts, spectacular mountains on the Lewis and Clark route and Southern Texas’s Big Bend in the winter where wildlife and hot springs abound.
  3. Trans Canada Railway From the East Coast center of Halifax to the urban sophistication of Toronto to the heights of the Rocky Mountains this journey on the tracks is ideal for the senior traveler. Sit back and enjoy the diverse landscape and people over 2,775 miles; a real pioneering journey.
  4. Angkor Wat, Cambodia Take a step back in time during a trip to the awesome ruins of Angkor Wat, a world heritage site that dates back to the 12th century. It’s very atmospheric at all the temple sites with ruins lying amidst the jungle outside the town of Siem Reap. Bike to the ruins, hike their incredible range and relax in town afterwards at any number of restaurants and bars.
  5. Driving vacations, Europe Conquer Europe in a sleek BMW on roads around the Alps, or stroll through the magnificent Dolomites in a Ferrari, admire the beauty of the Italian Lakes, unwind at a chic Swiss resort or take lunch on the French Riviera. These kinds of vacations are about style and class for those that can afford the car and the location.
  6. Star gazing, Atacama Desert, Chile This desert, the driest in the world, is the best place for star gazing in the world, due to a lack of moisture in the air, low light pollution and the high altitude. It is a landscape girded by soaring peaks, rainless and full of salt basins, sand and lava flows. If stargazing is too tame, there’s also a marathon run through here annually and sand boarding.
  7. Bahamas Take a sedate trip here to the Bahamas and lie on crisp beaches, snorkel in a pristine environment, tour the old British outposts, enjoy fine sea food dining and visit the local markets. Choose your own pace as long as it’s languid.
  8. Holy Land, Israel Take a trip to the Holy Land taking in famous historical and holy sights such as Caesarea, Capernaum, Nazareth, the Dead Sea and the Old City of Jerusalem. There is history, legend and anecdotes everywhere.
  9. Bike and wine, Burgundy, France Ride a bike through the vineyards of Burgundy and stop off to enjoy the medieval castles, cobbled streets and of course the cuisine and fine wine of the region.
  10. Palace on Wheels, Rajasthan, India This Maharaja style journey from Delhi to Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur and other locations is more like a moving hotel. It has 14 air-conditioned coaches and each sleeper has four compartments with en suite facilities and twin lower beds. Your personal attendant is available at all times and dining is rather opulent. Plus there’s a lounge car and bar.

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