Every year on September 19, individuals from around the world trade in their normal attire for peg-legs and abandon their dialect in favor of channeling their most beloved seafaring friends. This year, make International Talk Like a Pirate Day extra special by jetting off to one of these destinations where you might learn a little something about how to pillage the high seas.

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Learn Yarr History - St. Augustine, Florida

United States’ oldest city also happens to be ground zero for pirate activity. Plundered twice by buccaneers and frequented by figures like Sir Francis Drake, St. Augustine’s Pirate and Treasure Museum is just one way the city remembers its pirate past. The museum holds the world’ largest collection of authentic pirate artifacts along with interactive exhibits, a Spanish galleon and the world’s only verified authentic pirate chest. Its “please touch” atmosphere appeals to visitors of all ages so don’t be surprised if you see adults as well as children scampering around trying to complete the treasure hunt.

Sail the High Seas – Barbados

Leave the pristine beaches and fluttering palm trees of Barbados behind as you board the Jolly Roger and head out to sea on this fully operable, authentic pirate ship. Black Pearl Party Cruises offers different experiences depending on which cruise you embark upon. Whether you find yourself scuba diving nearby shipwrecks, walking the plank, sipping the unlimited rum punch or entranced by the fire show, you won’t regret your decision to come aboard.

Eat Yarr Spoils – San Francisco, CA

While there are many stereotypes about pirates, stories involving these social outcasts inevitably are fueled by one thing -- rum. With splendid views of the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, and lounging sea lions, Forbes Island serves up its seafood in a lighthouse which has seating available in its underwater section. Enjoy a candlelit meal in their nautical themed dining room before heading out to Smuggler’s Cove for a nightcap. The Cove opened in 2009 with the largest rum selection in the U.S. and a cocktail menu that spans over three centuries. Its expertise has firmly established it as one of the best bars in the world.

Scuba Dive Carlisle Bay – Barbados

Pirates pillaged and sank plenty of vessels while on the job. In fact, one of Barbados’ own residents, Sam Lord, once hung lanterns in the coconut trees in front of his castle to lure ships in and let them wreck on the reefs. A scuba diving expedition through Carlisle Bay allows you to explore the bowels of five sunken ships and the flitting fish, flapping turtles and rich marine life crusted onto ship exteriors. If you’re confident in your swimming ability, you can head out on your own, otherwise there are a number of tour operators who will be happy to take you.

Gasparilla Pirate Festival – Tampa, FL

Regardless of the fact that Tampa doesn’t celebrate it’s pirate heritage until January, we recommend you save some of your pirate passion for the Gasparilla Pirate Festival. The event includes the nation’s third largest parade and sees more than half a million people flood the streets and docks near the place where legendary pirate Jose Gasparilla once invaded the city. The invasion is reenacted annually using the world’s only fully-rigged pirate ship and scores of privately owned boats. Gasparilla’s defeat of Tampa signals the beginning of the parade which includes almost 100 floats, more than a dozen marching bands and crowds of wannabe Jack Sparrows throwing beads, doubloons and other treasures to the enthusiastic crowd. Don your tri-cornered hat and skull jewelry and lay claim to your share of the loot.