"One part bitters, two parts sweet, three parts strong, one part weak" is the rhyme Roger Goddard of Cutters uses to explain the delicate flavor profile that makes his rum punch the #1 recipe in all of Barbados.

Using only the finest locally sourced ingredients- fresh squeezed lime juice, Cockspur Old Gold Rum, simple syrup made from sugarcane, a dash of bitters, ice and freshly ground nutmeg- he hand mixes his rum punch every day so that each batch is handmade with authentic Barbadian TLC. Though the recipe varies slightly throughout the island with the biggest debate being the recipe for the "weak," (some use water, some use ice, some use orange juice), if that's the locals most pressing problem, I think they've got something right with the chill Caribbean attitudes.

"Rum Punch" by Emily via Flickr Creative Commons

Mount Gay Rum from Barbados is the oldest rum in existence, being distilled since 1703. Proudly displaying the country map on their logo, Mount Gay rum has notes of almond, banana, vanilla and moka, making the sweet island liquor is a favorite among locals and tourists alike. With tours offered daily Monday through Friday, sample the four different flavor variations- extra old, eclipse, silver and 1703 to taste and compare the different strengths, smoothness and hints that make Mount Gay one of the most beloved brands in the world.

With over 1600 rum shops on the island, it's a requirement of every church is to have one within walking distance. As the Barbadians proclaim, both facilities bring you closer to god. Clever.