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With endless food and beverage options, glistening pool decks, and entertainment aplenty, cruise ships do their best to entice you to never leave. While sunbathing with an umbrella drink can sound mighty nice, one of the greatest things about cruising is the ability to dock at a variety of ports and take in the vibe. Some guests will disembark for a leisurely island tour or to explore a new city, but the true adventure seekers out there will stray off course in favor of the most adrenaline-spiked excursions in existence. If you’ve been building up the shpilkes onboard, believe us when we say, this is how to let loose and work up a sweat.

"Stingray City" by Matt Lehrer on Flickr Creative Commons

Swim with the Stingrays – Cayman Islands

If you’re keen on getting to know the locals when you travel, take note that in Grand Cayman you can mix and mingle with the friendly sea creatures that just so happen to have rather long stingers. You'll arrive by sailboat to Stingray City, an iconic experience every swimmer and snorkeler simply must check off their bucket list. The two dozen stingrays who call the shallow sandbar home are used to interacting with humans as long as you bring along a treat or two. But be warned, the first time their slimy bodies brush up against you will be quite shocking (figuratively, of course).

"Team Cousins" by Dana Orlosky on Flickr Creative Commons

Doglsedding and Glacier Flightseeing – Alaska

The first part of your Alaskan adventure is in Skagway where you’ll take to the skies in a helicopter to take in the magnificence snowcapped peaks before landing on the Denver Glacier. Once back on solid ground, you'll learn how to mush an adorable team of pups that want nothing more than to run. It’s easy to picture yourself training for the Iditarod as the wind whips your hair and the icy chill hits your face.

"_MG_9848" by Chris Short on Flickr Creative Commons

Aerial Bobsled and Canopy Adventure – Jamaica

Bobsledding and Jamaica rarely go hand in hand outside of Cool Runnings, but this excursion is a popular one in Ocho Rios. You’ll feel like part of the Jamaican bobsled team on a gravity-defying course that features thrilling twists and turns through the rainforest. You'll ride a chairlift to the top of Jamaica’s famed Mystic Mountain before boarding a specially made Jamaican bobsled. Once you’ve mastered the 1000-meter track, you’ll head back above tree line for a high-speed zip line through the dense tropical landscape. All in all, this epic day is an adrenaline junkie’s dream.

"Trollstigen - Rauma, Norway - Landscape photography" by Giuseppe Milo on Flickr Creative Commons

The Path of the Trolls - Norway

Trollstigen is a roadway that was literally blasted out of the mountainside and designated as one of the most dangerous roads in the world. Following 11 hairpin turns, you'll journey deep into Norway's most dramatic landscape complete with mountains, valleys, rivers, gorges, and waterfalls at every turn. Along with your guide, you'll cross the Stigfoss Waterfall that drops 585 feet beneath you as you head toward Troll Wall, the highest vertical mountain wall in Europe to be left completely in awe by the sights.

"Whitsunday Islands Australia" by Richard Rydge on Flickr Creative Commons

Ocean Rafting Eco Adventure – Australia

The Whitsunday Islands are made up of 74 islands on the tropical coast of Queensland right in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef. You can explore the wild side of these breathtaking landscapes on an inflatable vessel designed for speed. The boat will take you up close and personal with the marine, bird and animal life of the largest living organism on Earth.