There are constantly new innovations in the world of travel, ways to get from place to place faster. But sometimes the best way to see the sights is to go slower. Go back to basics by biking your way through a city. Not only does the lower speed afford better views of the surrounding scenery, but it's also great exercise. Bike tours operate all over the world and the prices usually include food, lodging, and a knowledgeable guide.

We've compiled a list of some of the best tours offered around the world so you can start planning your biking vacation.

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How often can you say you biked through mountains and desert terrain dotted with camels? Morocco, located in northern Africa, is growing ever more popular as a tourist destination while still retaining its unique charm. Cycle to the exotic cities of Fes and Marrakech and pick up local handicrafts in the outdoor markets. Outside of the cities the desert and the mountain scenery take over. Tour company Djoser offers a 9-day bike tour best for intermediate cyclists that will give a great taste of the country.

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It's impossible to choose just one best bike trip around Italy. You could stay in one region, travel through a few, or dedicate your time to an island like Sicily. Ciclismo Classico has many Italy bike tours to pick from, like Assaggio Toscana or Giro d'Italia. Taste of Tuscany is great for beginners with a 6-day trip that winds through the picturesque Tuscan region, with stops for wine and olive oil tastings. The tour will also take you into medieval towns and the land where the Etruscans once lived.

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Look no further than Burlington, Vermont for one of the top-rated American cycling tours. Sojourn Bike Tours provides a 6-day trip around the Adirondacks and beautiful Lake Champlain surrounded by fall foliage. Less skilled cyclists can stick to the rolling path, while experienced bikers have the option to head to the more challenging mountain paths. The tour will take cyclists to Revolutionary and Civil War-era towns, on kayak or canoe trips, and on a private cruise across Lake Champlain.

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Pacific Coast Route

Hop over to the west coast of the U.S. for the Pacific Coast Highway, which stretches from Washington all the way down to California. Along the way are great ocean views, farms, towering trees, beaches, and urban cities. The whole route is extremely long, so tours usually concentrate on one region. Black Sheep Adventures' Big Sur/Carmel trip is not for the faint of heart but the views are well worth the long days on a bike. They also offer customizable tours so you have a say in whether you spend your time involved in intense aerobic activity or exploring the area at a more relaxed pace. The constantly changing scenery and nature combined with urban sprawl make this route truly special.

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You've probably never thought of seeing India from the back of a bike before. However, taking a tour away from the crowded cities will deliver a completely different perspective of this chaotic country. Backroads' biking tour will take you to historical forts, temples, and palaces. Cyclists are treated to authentic Indian feasts and can scour the markets in the towns for pottery or rugs. Creature comforts are not forgotten either as accommodations are in great hotels and even a palace. Or, try a different route through Kerala, which revolves around wildlife and nature. Roll past rural plantations, wildlife sanctuaries, and forests; and even spend a night on a house boat. Marvel at groups of wild elephants that meander through the sanctuaries. This tour is a must for any nature or animal lover, with so many opportunities to observe wildlife in action. Both trips last 10 days.