Photo Credit: Aaron Hockley

Washington produces a number of excellent products, primarily edible goods and wine. There are several wine-growing areas in the state on both sides of the Cascades that have thriving winery scenes where visitors are invited to tour, taste, and purchase unique vintages. With more than 650 wineries in Washington, this state is America’s second-largest producer of wines after California. Adding a winery tour to your road trip is the ideal way to enhance your experience of this beautiful place.

Washington is also a major center for outdoor gear and clothing manufactures like REI and Eddie Bauer. In the large cities, there are shopping malls and retail outlets with most of America’s big name brands. Seattle is the best city for shopping, whether at the mega-stores or unique boutiques. Its diverse neighborhoods each have their own little shopping scenes, but the center of the action is found around Fifth Avenue and Pine Street. Two upscale malls are here: Pacific Place and Westlake Center. For several blocks in every direction, the streets are peppered with high-end retailers.

Seattle’s Pike Place Market is Ground Zero for tourist shopping, but it’s still a fun place to browse the little stalls. For art, look around Pioneer Square where numerous local art galleries and antique stores are located. Capitol Hill, Ballard, and Fremont are other neighborhoods with fun, funky shopping to explore. Most of Washington’s small towns have their own downtown districts with interesting independent shops often selling art, crafts, and clothing.

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