Photo Credit: Shannon O'Toole

General entry requirements for America apply to those visiting Virginia. Passports are required for all non-US citizens. For most visitors, passports must be valid for at least six months after date of entry. For those under the Visa Waiver Program, 90 days of validity will suffice. Australian, British and EU nationals are required to have proof of a return ticket. Most countries need to apply for a US visa prior to arrival.

Health and Safety

Medical insurance is strongly recommended. Non-emergency treatment may be refused for those without coverage. Virginia has a number of high-quality facilities such as hospitals, clinics and drug stores. However, drug stores often require a prescription for medicines which may be available over-the-counter in other countries. There are no special medical precautions needed for traveling to Virginia outside of a preventative tetanus shot.

Virginia is generally safe, especially in the rural areas. Some cities, however, are known to have problems with crime, particularly the state capital of Richmond and the second largest city, Norfolk. It is best to ask a local where and where not to head. In general, visitors are not encouraged to wander alone at night or flash expensive items such as jewelry.

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