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As one of the states of America, Arkansas requires visitors to have their proper travel visas in order before they arrive. If you are already in the US, you can cross state borders freely, with most visitors undergoing immigration checks at the first airport they arrive in at the US. There are no direct international flights to Arkansas so you will have to connect through one of the main US gateway hubs. Check the US government’s online site for visas and immigration to confirm the details of your visit:

Health and Safety

Arkansas is one of the safest states in America, both for its residents and its visitors. Even in the capital, Little Rock, there is no real reason to worry about safety, though petty crime like theft is always a possibility if you are careless with your valuables. Rental cars are often targets of break-ins late at night so don’t leave anything of value in your car.

There are no obvious health risks in Arkansas, but all visitors are advised to have their vaccinations for hepatitis A and B before traveling here as the hygiene of restaurants and waiting staff can never be totally assured at diners and dives. No real predators live in the mountains of Arkansas, but hikers should go prepared with plenty of water, snacks, and a map.

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