Jordan’s national language is Arabic, but most of the population living in larger cities speak English. French and German are also quite popular in the region.


The official currency is the Dinar which is divided into 100 piastres. ATMs are available all over in big towns. Currency exchange can be made at banks, hotels and official bureau de change offices.


Jordan is on Eastern European Time which is GMT + 2.


Jordan uses electricity at 220V or 50Hz and UK and continental round pin sockets.


The international dialing code for Jordan is +962 and for Amman, the capital, is +6. While roaming services are available, this option can become quite costly. Pay as you go phones are available at several stores and local SIM cards are as readily available. While many establishments are yet to offer wireless internet, there are internet cafes in all regions of the country which can be used for a small fee.


Duty-free regulations generally depend on the traveler’s country of origin, but the following information can be used as a guideline. Tourists are permitted to travel with 200 cigarettes, 25 cigars or 200g of tobacco, one liter of alcohol, two bottles of perfume and gifts not exceeding a value of US $200.

Tourist Office

Jordan Tourism Board, Amman: +962-6-567-8444 or +962-6-500-8081 or

Consulates in Jordan

American Embassy, Amman: +962-6-590-9200 Canadian Embassy, Amman: +962-6-520-3300 British Embassy, Amman: +962-6-590-9200 Australian Embassy, Amman: +962-6-580-7000 German Embassy, Amman: +962-6-593-0351 Chinese Embassy, Amman: +962-6-551-6136 French Embassy, Amman: +962-6-460-4630 Italian Embassy, Amman: +962-6-463-8185 Belgian Embassy, Amman: +962-79-552-76-38


Police: 191 Ambulance: 199 Fire Brigade: 199