Jordan has no shortage of shopping opportunities with towns all having their local markets called souks. You’ll find everything under the sun from live chickens to hand woven clothing for sale and a walk through the stalls is a traditional Middle Eastern experience. Bargaining is the norm, but remember that most vendors are not in the business to rip people off and negotiating should be done respectfully and, even better, with a smile.

Handicrafts are a big deal in Jordan as there are many traditional people who make cultural emblems to sell in the markets. One favorite is the mosaic and many young people are sent to local mosaic training schools to learn the ancient craft. There is no shortage of vendors peddling designs so you’re bound to find something that tickles their fancy.

Another popular souvenir is the painstaking art of one of a kind, hand-painted ostrich eggs. Unbelievably complex scenes have been painted on these oversized eggs, one needle prick at a time. No two dots are exactly the same so you can be sure you have a truly unique gift.

Finally, travelers who visit local souks can also get great deals on gold jewelry in Jordan. Usually no less that 18 karats, local craftsman can shape the metal into any design requested, often only charging for the precious metal itself and not for the work.