Jordan’s natural environment provides a beautiful backdrop for racing across the country’s famous sand dunes, sleeping under the stars beside ancient castles and discovering the underworld of the Red Sea, giving no shortage of things to do for those who love the outdoors. Travelers with a tamer style should not despair, however, as there are plenty of options which require almost no exertion. Float on the Dead Sea or drift over the dunes in a hot air balloon spotting native bird species as you go.

If there is one activity that simply cannot be missed it is floating in the Dead Sea. This natural wonder is nestled between the Jordan and Israel borders and lies 400 m below sea level. The mystical waters contain more salt and minerals than anywhere else on earth making it impossible not to float. Many spas dot the shores, awaiting those who seek healing treatments. For those wanting to learn more about the Dead Sea, there is a Panorama museum where interesting facts can be learned. Just remember not to shave right before or you’ll be in for quite the burning sensation, like pouring salt in an open wound.

The Dana Nature Reserve is perfect for hiking trips of all ability levels. Home to unique wildlife like the ibex, wild mountain goats and several indigenous species of plants, travelers who wish to stay in the park overnight can set up camp in one of the well-equipped eco-lodges. Sarha: Jordan Eco Adventures organizes many excursions into the Dana Reserve.

Take advantage of the region’s arid terrain and embark on a guided desert tour with Jordan Treks. Cruise over the sands in the east riding a four-wheel drive vehicle and explore a myriad of ancient castles hidden between the dunes. One of the most popular stops is the Qasr al Tuba in the Umayyad desert.

After a full day exploring the golden sand dunes of Jordan’s majestic desert why not spend the night under Middle Eastern skies in a Bedouin tent? Many tour operators can arrange traditional Bedouin feasts and authentic shelter which serve as protection from the elements. Jordan Treks not only specializes in desert excursions and horseback tours, but is run by local Bedouin people who could arrange spectacular homestays for interested travelers.

Deserts are not all that Jordan has to offer; its bodies of water are pretty impressive on their own accord. The prime diving spots are just off the coast of Aqaba in the Red Sea with breathtaking underwater worlds. There are also many seafood restaurants along the waterfront which makes for a perfect ending to an adventurous day. Dive Aqaba can get you more information about scuba trips, especially for those who have never done it before.

If you’re looking for romance, a hot air balloon across Wadi Rum, one of the country’s most famous sites, it the perfect date activity. Having seen the deserts from land and vehicle are one thing, but getting an eagle-eye view tells a completely different story. It was, after all, here that Lawrence of Arabia hung out. Flights can be booked through Royal Aero Sports Club of Jordan.