Jordan Taxis and Car Rental

There are two types of taxis available for public use in Jordan. The first are regular taxis which, similar to those in New York, are bright yellow in color and can be flagged down on the side of the road. These are in good working condition, but can be quite pricey on longer journeys. Most taxis in the larger cities have a meter, but in the more remote areas, drivers tend not to use them so prices need to be negotiated.

The second option is a share taxi which are called servees. These are more expensive than buses and minibuses, but are also much faster. There are no scheduled timetables as the taxis tend to leave whenever the vehicle is full. It is once again important to agree upon a price before departing.

It is possible to rent a car in Jordan with most of the international rental companies accounted for, including Avis, Hertz, Europcar and Budget. The conditions of the roads are quite good, but the same cannot be said for the quality of drivers, especially outside of major cities. Car rental is relatively inexpensive which makes it a great way to see the country.

Jordan Trains and Buses

The railway network in Jordan is not used for passenger traffic except for the line connecting Amman with the Syrian capital Damascus. The largest cities, Amman and Irbid have local bus services, but many travelers opt for service taxis instead as buses have no English signage or visible schedules, which can become rather confusing.

The bus network, on the other hand, is extensive and caters for both inner- and inter-city travel. There are many private companies to choose from including JETT which connects Amman with Aqaba, Hammamat Ma’in and the King Hussein Bridge. Trust International runs only between Amman and Aqaba while Hijazi operates between Amman and Irbid.

Public minibuses are also a good transportation option in Jordan as they tend to reach the more remote areas bigger buses cannot get to. These are generally much faster than private buses, but do not leave on a set schedule which means there may be a significant amount of waiting around before departure.